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Psychometric Testing in the Workplace

Psychometric assessments were first used by the US Army during World War I in an attempt to predict which soldiers would suffer from post-traumatic stress (called “shell shock” at the time). Today, the psychometric testing industry is estimated to be worth more than $500 million with annual growth estimated at 15%. 

Feb 23, 2021

Topics: Psychology- Recruitment & Selection- Profiling & Assessment Tools

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Shaping the Times

We have a good amount to be grateful for at the end of 2020 here in Australia and New Zealand. While the impact of the novel coronavirus was undoubtedly felt and still lasting, particularly in Melbourne, the outlook in the Australia and New Zealand region is positive compared to other developed countries.

Dec 15, 2020

Topics: Recruitment & Selection- General Business- Future of Work

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30 Interesting Statistics Recruitment & Turnover

We have been conducting a series of internal projects to see what sort of statistics are available on a broad range of workplace topics including leadership, teams, culture, diversity, millennials, engagement, and recruitment. 

Feb 5, 2018

Topics: Recruitment & Selection

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10 Biggest Mistakes Made By Job Interviewers


Below is a list of the most crucial mistakes that we see employers make when it comes to the job interview.

Aug 22, 2016

Topics: Recruitment & Selection

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Eliminating the God Complex in Recruitment

The “god complex” can be found in hiring managers who believe that they have rare and wonderful powers of observation. Basically, these managers believe they're smart enough to determine a good candidate when they see one.

Jul 9, 2015

Topics: Recruitment & Selection

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How I Hire Series: Wisdom from 80 Thought Leaders


LinkedIn recently released a series of “How I Hire” articles that is well worth the time of any HR / recruiting professional.

Oct 15, 2013

Topics: Recruitment & Selection

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Obama Stole Our Writer - 4 Creative Examples of Pre-Screening

We think there is merit in using pre-screening tasks, just so long as they are able to 'test' the skills or attributes that are known to be important (to the job and/or the company culture) and it doesn’t ask for an unreasonable amount of work up-front.

Jul 18, 2012

Topics: Recruitment & Selection

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10 Big Mistakes in the Recruitment Process


A list of critical mistakes that we see employers commonly make in the recruitment process.

Jul 17, 2012

Topics: Recruitment & Selection

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