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Praise & Criticism: ADDIE Model

The ADDIE model is virtually synonymous with instructional design or instructional systems design (ISD). Instructional design is the discipline concerned with the design of training programs (both online and classroom).

Mar 1, 2016

Topics: Human Resources- Learning & Development- Business Models ("Nutshell" Series)

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2,500 Years of Learning Theory in 40 Minutes

If you’re curious about what an award-winning e-Learning professional, blogger and TED speaker with 30 years’ experience in the learning game thinks is good, bad and ugly in the history of theory and practice, then grab a bucket of popcorn.

Feb 1, 2016

Topics: Learning & Development- Profiling & Assessment Tools

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In a Nutshell: ADDIE Model

This article is a extension to our 'In a Nutshell' series. Click on the following link to view our original article on 40 Must-Know HR, OD, L&D Models.

Jan 30, 2016

Topics: Learning & Development- Profiling & Assessment Tools- Business Models ("Nutshell" Series)

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6 Scientific Terms All Business People Should Know

Many people think that science is only for scientists — those quaint folk dressed in white lab coats who work with chemical formulas and don't see much sunshine. 

Oct 6, 2015

Topics: Learning & Development- General Business

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10 Fake L&D Quotes

The Internet makes it easy to spread pithy quotes across the globe like wildfire. Sometimes, these quote-memes are harmless paraphrasing of something virtually identical to what the author originally said or wrote, but there are other times when an attribution is way, way off base.

Jun 12, 2015

Topics: Learning & Development

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L&D News & Opinion Roundup

A selection of 10 of the most popular or thought-provoking L&D opinion pieces, research and ongoing developments in the field of L&D that you may have missed in the last couple of months from both Australian-based and international blogs and websites...

Mar 27, 2015

Topics: Learning & Development- Profiling & Assessment Tools

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L&D Myth: Learning Styles (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)

In the field of neuroscience, there are a number of "neuromyths" — a term that is now being used to describe misconceptions and inaccuracies about brain functioning. These are myths that pervade popular culture, education and business, including many L&D departments.

Mar 25, 2015

Topics: Learning & Development- Profiling & Assessment Tools

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L&D Myth: The 55-38-7 Rule of Communication (Mehrabian Myth)

The 55-38-7 rule of communication relates to a popular and widely used ratio in communication and presentation skills training, seminars and books — but one that is an unfortunate simplification, which many people now refer to as the "Mehrabian Myth."

Mar 8, 2015

Topics: Learning & Development

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