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The 1 Question You Should NEVER Ask an HR Person

It’s 3 o’clock on Thursday afternoon, the day before Good Friday. You’ve just been out to grab an afternoon coffee when you notice something sitting on your desk. It’s a giant carob egg. It’s huge. On closer inspection, you see a little note that says this:

Mar 3, 2015

Topics: Human Resources

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Alain de Botton on HR & Career Counselling

“It is surely significant that the adults who feature in children's books are rarely, if ever, Regional Sales Managers or Building Services Engineers." ― Alain de Botton 

Feb 16, 2015

Topics: Human Resources

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In a Nutshell: Forced Ranking (Vitality Curve, Bell Curve)

Forced ranking, also known as stack ranking, forced distribution, and “rank and yank,” is a concept popularised during the 1980s by Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, under the term “vitality curve.”

Feb 4, 2015

Topics: Human Resources- Business Models ("Nutshell" Series)

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6 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Next Presentation

We all know how important it is to be a confident, impactful, engaging presenter. Because let’s face it – you might be the smartest person in your team, have the best ideas, come up with the most innovative solutions.

Nov 10, 2014

Topics: Human Resources

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5 Mistakes Consultants Make With The DISC Profile


DISC has enjoyed immense popularity and acceptance in HR and among consultants since the late 1980s. With its broad, long-established and passionate fan base, we sometimes find consultants, coaches, and trainers can have a tendency to see people dynamics through the lens of this single tool.

Sep 30, 2014

Topics: Human Resources- DISC Profile

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In a Nutshell: 6 Principles of Influence

The 6 principles of influence (or the 6 weapons of influence) is a phrase coined by psychology professor Robert Cialdini in his 1984 bestseller, "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” which has remained the most popular book on social influence since publication.

Sep 28, 2014

Topics: Psychology- Human Resources- Business Models ("Nutshell" Series)

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HR L&D Roundup (June-Sept 2014)

In case you missed them, below is a selection of 10 of the most interesting and/or most shared HR/L&D articles that have been trending on social media in recent months from around the globe.

Sep 8, 2014

Topics: Human Resources- Learning & Development

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Time to Split HR: Backlash From Around the Web

In what is undoubtedly the front-runner for The Most Talked-About HR Article of The Year Award, Ram Charan’s recent piece for Harvard Business Review — “It’s Time to Split HR” (Jul-Aug, 2014) — has lit up social media, attracting criticism and analysis from some of the biggest names in HR.

Aug 19, 2014

Topics: Human Resources

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