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Emotional Intelligence and the EQ Assessment: What You Need to Know

Now more than ever, emotional intelligence is the key to creating a healthy and well-functioning workplace. If you’ve ever had questions about what emotional intelligence is exactly, or how you can apply your emotional quotient (EQ) score to your work and life right now, we have answers.

Jun 7, 2022

Topics: Emotional Intelligence- Coaching & Mentoring- Profiling & Assessment Tools

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Coaching Example with DISC, Motivators & EQ

Executive coaching offers individuals the opportunity to work with an accredited coach and develop their skills in a safe and collaborative environment that enhances professional performance. Coaching can improve self-awareness, support behavioural change and challenge ways of working to help an individual achieve their potential (to name a few).

Jun 7, 2022

Topics: Emotional Intelligence- Motivators & Drivers- Coaching & Mentoring- Profiling & Assessment Tools- DISC Profile

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Constantly Confused: Empathy versus Sympathy. The Difference & Why It Matters

Both empathy and sympathy play a role in our personal and professional lives; however, these two concepts are often confused with one another. The key in understanding the difference between these two concepts as actions is particularly relevant for leaders in the modern workplace.

Jun 7, 2022

Topics: Emotional Intelligence- Psychology- Coaching & Mentoring

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What is TriMetrix EQ® and the “Multi-Science” Approach

The TriMetrix EQ is one of four psychometric assessments in the TTI Success Insights TriMetrix series of multi-science assessments. It’s a tool that can be introduced and add value at any point in the employee lifecycle, and it happens to be our most popular offering. 

Nov 23, 2021

Topics: Emotional Intelligence- Motivators & Drivers- Recruitment & Selection- Coaching & Mentoring- Profiling & Assessment Tools- DISC Profile

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Emotions are Contagious

How can managers navigate uncertainty, lead with emotional intelligence and foster psychological safety in the current environment? Some of the answers lie within the current context of the present state as outlined in the table below.

Nov 24, 2020

Topics: Emotional Intelligence- Psychology

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3 Signs You Are Surrounded By Low EQ People

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” — the twitter user @debihope (according to Quote Investigator)

Feb 17, 2020

Topics: Emotional Intelligence

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The Astoundingly Positive Power Of 3 Awful Words

In my time wading through the treacherous, murky waters of self-development literature trying desperately to make sense of what’s signal and what’s noise, what’s just a Band-Aid fix and what’s hitting upon deep truth...

Jan 28, 2020

Topics: Emotional Intelligence- Profiling & Assessment Tools

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Final Post For 2019: The Fisherman, The Industrialist, & The Wizard

I remember once chancing across a business cartoon in which workers were looking at a sign on the office wall that displayed only the word FASTER. The company’s new mission statement, we learn. Somewhat cynically, my first thought was, At least management is being honest.

Dec 15, 2019

Topics: Emotional Intelligence- General Business

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