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HR L&D Roundup (June-Sept 2014)

Sep 8, 2014


In case you missed them, below is a selection of 10 of the most interesting and/or most shared HR/L&D articles that have been trending on social media in recent months from around the globe.

TLNTReflections on the Issue of HR Certification vs. HR Competencies

Source: TLNT

“SHRM’s recent certification announcement raises a relatively simple question but a more complex answer: What is the role of certification (vs. competence) in the development of a field?” > Read


ForbesThe Unexpected Skill That Job Seekers Need To Get Hired

Source: Forbes

"Studies from 2012 indicate that about 63% of HR managers said their companies conduct job interviews via video, a huge increase over just 14% in 2011." > Read


3 HR Mag UKZappos' HR Team Pilots Holocracy

Source: HR Magazine UK

"Zappos' HR team has piloted an ‘holocratic’ approach to OD, becoming the first function in the online retailer to do so." > Read


4 training zone8 L&D Tactics I'd Use If I Were an HR Director

Source: Training Zone

"I was recently challenged to put my money where my mouth is in terms of explaining exactly what I would do better if I were an HR director myself, as opposed to being a L&D coaching specialist, who often, as part of my work with an organisation, ends up advising HR directors on how to improve the way they work in this area." > Read


5 HBRWhy Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified

Source: Harvard Business Review

“… I surveyed over a thousand men and women, predominantly American professionals, and asked them, “If you decided not to apply for a job because you didn’t meet all the qualifications, why didn’t you apply?” > Read


6 LI Pulse6 Toxic Behaviours That Push People Away: How To Recognise Them In Yourself and Change Them

Source: LinkedIn Pulse

Published in June 2014, this has become the most viewed article published on LinkedIn of all time, amassing nearly 3 million views. > Read


7 DMHow to Negotiate Salary: 37 Tips You Need to Know

Source: The Daily Muse

“A survey by revealed that only 37% of people always negotiate their salaries—while an astonishing 18% never do. Even worse, 44% of respondents claim to have never brought up the subject of a raise during their performance reviews. The biggest reason for not asking for more? Fear.” > Read


8 Bus InHow You Can Have A Fulfilling Career – 10 Scientific Steps

Source: Business Insider

“Here are the steps to finding a fulfilling career: 1) Money Isn’t Meaningful, 2) Status Isn’t Meaningful — But Respect Is, 3) Making A Difference Makes A Big Difference, 4) Use Your Talents, 5) Pursue Your Passion, 6) Find Flow, 7) We All Want Freedom, 8) Stop Looking For Your Soulmate, 9) Use A “Personal Job Advertisement”, 10) Ready, Fire, Aim” > Read


VoxWhy the Myers-Briggs Test is Totally Meaningless

Source: Vox

“An estimated 2 million people take it annually, at the behest of corporate HR departments, colleges, and even government agencies. The company that makes and markets the test makes somewhere around $20 million each year. The only problem? The test is completely meaningless.” > Read


HCBizarre Employee Excuses

Source: Human Capital Magazine

Some of the most bizarre employee excuses picked out from over 4,000 Reddit comments. > Read

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Theo Winter

Theo Winter

Client Services Manager, Writer & Researcher. Theo is one of the youngest professionals in the world to earn an accreditation in TTI Success Insight's suite of psychometric assessments. For more than a decade, he worked with hundreds of HR, L&D and OD professionals and consultants to improve engagement, performance and emotional intelligence of leaders and their teams. He authored the book "40 Must-Know Business Models for People Leaders."


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