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Temre Green, PhD

Temre Green, PhD
Head of Consulting Services, Australia & New Zealand. Temre has designed, planned and delivered business strategy and transformation programs that were driven by a range of factors, such as innovation, growth, compliance, regulations, restructures and economic downturns. As an Industrial-Organisational Psychologist, Temre has spent her career dedicated to organisational behaviour and the work environment. She is currently focused on the future of work and multiple areas of organisational development that support organisational growth and health.

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5 Best Practices for Learning Journeys

It’s time to start rethinking how leadership training is delivered (if you haven’t already done so). Naturally, it’s good practice for these programs to evolve and continuously improve, and hopefully that’s occurred in your business. But it’s the learning journey that needs to be addressed so that it can align to the current times. 

Oct 25, 2022

Topics: Leadership- Learning & Development

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Five Unexpected Ways Leadership Teams Become Ineffective

In the 2021 Global Leadership Forecast, undertaken by DDI Consulting, Ernst & Young and The Conference Board, CEOs indicated that their top talent challenge was developing the next generation of leaders. 

Jul 27, 2022

Topics: Leadership- Culture & Organisational Development- Change & Transformation

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Mental Health Terms at Work

The role of the manager (HR and general management) is once again expanding. Supporting people in the context of retention, engagement, motivation and growth has always been a part of these roles - but with growing pressure and levels of uncertainty at work, supporting people is requiring more depth.

Jun 28, 2022

Topics: Leadership- Psychology- General Business

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The Single Best Predictor of Attrition

Most companies can’t afford to lose talented and capable employees, but it does seem to be happening globally as employees seek more out of life in the wake of the health pandemic. What can business leaders do to predict attrition right now?

May 17, 2022

Topics: Employee Engagement- Recruitment & Selection- Culture & Organisational Development

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Work From Home Gaps Across 20+ Countries

The majority of businesses - with the means to do so - have broadly supported work from home (WFH) and hybrid work arrangements over the last two years particularly in the wake of the health pandemic. Do gaps still exist between employees and employers on this important topic?

May 17, 2022

Topics: General Business- Future of Work- Culture & Organisational Development

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Introducing Human-Centred Funding

The process of developing a business case and seeking internal organisational funding might need a shake-up to get a more holistic return on investment. This article looks at the current state of internal funding via business cases and a potential solution to put people at the heart of the investment. 

Apr 26, 2022

Topics: Smarter Thinking- General Business

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Is this Awesome HR Model Fake?

I came across an interesting model that took into account the internal and external factors that influence what we do in Human Resources (HR). That’s particularly relevant during these times (with the health pandemic, global change and uncertainty.) Here’s the problem: I think the model might be fake! Is this even possible? You tell me… 

Apr 6, 2022

Topics: Smarter Thinking- Human Resources- Business Models ("Nutshell" Series)

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9 Popular Terms HR Professionals Must Know

There is little doubt that the role of Human Resources (HR) is evolving massively right now with advancements in technology and digital tools, the transition to hybrid working, and the availability of people analytics.

Apr 6, 2022

Topics: Human Resources- Learning & Development

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The Future of Work

Looking for a practical guide to help you rewire your business for the future of work?

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